Kosaka Akakabe pharmacy  [Dispensing pharmacy・Pharmaceutical sales]

Kosaka Akakabe pharmacy  [Dispensing pharmacy・Pharmaceutical sales]

Even if you are frowning your face you will completely heal”Kero”

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A pharmacy that lasts nearly 80 years with prescription and medical item sales. It was said that he was also convenience store 30 years ago. From its remnants, Cairo is also popular in summer. Kerooyon who bandaged his feet and a figure of a human body model is the playfulness of his husband. Even if you wait in prescription wait time you can enjoy watching it inside the shop, do not get tired of going with parents and children. “Do not go” is a pharmacy that wants to go.


address:Higashiosaka city kosaka-honmachi 1-3-2
business hours:平日9:00〜19:30、土9:00〜14:00
Regular holiday:Sunday、public holiday


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