Budo-gumi [Seasonal cuisine]

Budo-gumi [Seasonal cuisine]

The season’s craft is here

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Yao burdock, Kadomaomi Sukon with horse-riding cucumber … Seasonal cuisine, centered around Naniwa’s traditional vegetables. “When asking for something delicious, I’m curious what kind of farmers are making and in what place,” general and female general. The technique of reborn vegetables made by farmers with deliciousness into cuisine with this much more is just a tattoo. If you chew a bite while listening to the knowledge of the season’s material the general speaks, it is drawn to the depth of the world.


address:Higashiosaka city kosaka-honmachi 1-1-31
business hours:Lunch time(Weekday)11:30~14:00、Dinner time18:00~23:00(L.O.22:00)
Regular holiday:Sunday、public holiday、First Tuesday of the month


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