Chidori-ya soke kosaka store [Confectionery]

Chidori-ya soke kosaka store [Confectionery]

Chidori-manju is almighty

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When deciding what to give, I decided to be “Chidori-manju” loved by everyone. It is an honor student in the souvenir world who also serves as a souvenir to relatives as a gift to the customer. Because it is in front of the station, I can stop by and buy it quickly. Let’s have a gift suggested by the store clerk, such as cool summer in summer and buns in winter, according to the season. I am pleased with the tasting of tea and buns that will serve with the service.


address:Higashiosaka city kosaka-honmachi 1-4-24
business hours:8:30〜20:00
Regular holiday:None


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