Dyeing and weaving Kyoya [Kimono]

Dyeing and weaving Kyoya [Kimono]

Sometimes try to dye in a Japanese style

Recommended points

Orthodox Kimono shop where kimonos and cloths peep vividly from inside the shop. “I want you to cherish good things,” says Kondo, shop owner. It is a strong Yamato boy who is rich in consultation if it is about kimono from sale to tailoring. It is my daughter ‘s favorite that tells me how to re – dress and how to dress. I do not think of the knowledge that comes out “Very well” and the voice of admiration comes up. If you go to “Kyoya”, you will definitely be interested in kimono.


address:Higashiosaka city kosaka-honmachi 1-3-2
business hours:10:00〜19:00
Regular holiday:Thursday


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