Peperoncino [Men’s clothing]

Peperoncino [Men’s clothing]

Enjoying clothes is proof that there is clear space.

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It is the mannequin’s “Noyomi” who takes a pose at a men’s wear shop imported directly from Italy. It takes a catchy look and takes away the passersby. The inside of the shop where the sofa was placed is as if I came to play at the house of a male friend. “I would like to enjoy clothes,” says Fushiki, the manager. If you put a special coffee with Peperoncino, you should not be able to raise your waist anymore. Let’s tell you how to choose clothes and how to dress while chatting with that or that.


address:Higashiosaka city hishiya-nishi 3-2-14 Kosaka Heights 1F
North side
business hours:11:00〜21:00、日13:00〜21:00
Regular holiday:Tuesday


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